Randy Rainbow is coming to State Theatre New Jersey

Published Monday, October 14, 2019
by NJ State Theatre

Get ready for a night of spoofs and parodies as Randy Rainbow Live! comes to State Theatre New Jersey November 1! Randy Rainbow became an internet sensation as a political commentator. He rose to fame during the 2016 Presidential Election, posting political spoofs and parodies almost weekly. Although Randy Rainbow has always dreamed of becoming a performer, this is certainly not the path he expected his career to follow to earn such a following.

Rainbow (his REALekly gig at The Therapy bar in New York, and in the beginning, only a handful of people would show up. But when he gained popularity on YouTube, he ended up hosting a sold-out show at The Therapy during the weekend of 2016 Election Day. “’Hmm, something has changed here, people know me.’ So that was really the big moment,” says Rainbow.

People may assume that Rainbow’s recent videos on YouTube require a full staff and set to produce, but that cannot be any more of the other way around. Rainbow, believe it or not, writes, films, and edits all his content independently. Not only that, but he does it all in his Queens, New York studio apartment. In an interview with Towleroad, Rainbow says, “It’s just me in my studio apartment with a green screen taking up my entire living room. It’s pretty absurd if you saw it in person. I’m hoping I’m moving into some fancier territory where I can have a bigger space and maybe some help.”

Not only does Randy Rainbow work alone, but he also works fast. Political news is constantly changing day-by-day, and since that is Rainbow’s main content inspiration, he comes up with an idea and acts upon it immediately. Rainbow gave Billboard a rundown of what his video schedule looks like. He writes for about four hours, film for two or three hours, and edit all night so that the video is posted in a timely fashion. A video starts out as an idea and ends up online in about 24-48 hours for Rainbow. Although the process is “difficult to keep up” and leaves him “more stressed than ever,” Randy Rainbow still acknowledges how rewarding the results have been.

Come join us for a much less serious night of politics when Randy Rainbow makes his way to the State Theatre stage. Rainbow’s wit and fierceness will certainly have audience members laughing on their way home. Randy Rainbow will be at State Theatre New Jersey on November 1.