The Center at Camden County College-Free lecture series on gender identity, expression, and inclusion

Published Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Center at Camden County College is offering a free lecture series on gender identity, expression, and inclusion September-October 2017. “Sex, Gender, and Sexuality: Navigating a Shifting Landscape” is a series of events held in the evenings at our Blackwood, New Jersey, campus and open to the public. Attached is a detailed description of the series along with a registration form (although the events are free, we encourage registration so we can contact you of any changes).

Description: The series will provide information about a range of topics surrounding biological sex, gender identity and expression, and sexuality. Participants will distinguish between the biological processes that determine sex, the social practices and cultural roles associated with gender, and the diversity of relational identities. The goal is to broaden the knowledge base of all community members and to create a safe space for discussion of issues critical to the complete health of each human being and society as a whole. Presentations and events will be held in Civic Hall (Blackwood) at 7:00PM on Thursdays, unless otherwise noted.


  • The Body as Social Sculpture (September 18th) – Listed by the Huffington Post as “one of ten transgender artists who are changing the landscape of contemporary art,” Cassils has achieved international recognition for a rigorous engagement with the body as a form of social sculpture. Featuring a series of bodies transformed by strict physical training regimes, Cassils’ artworks offer shared experiences for contemplating histories of violence, representation, struggle, and survival, often juxtaposing the immediacy, urgency and ephemerality of live performance against constructed acts for camera in order to challenge the “documentarian truth factor” of images. Bashing through gendered binaries, Cassils performs transgender not as a crossing from one sex to another but rather as a continual process of becoming. *Note that this presentation will be on a Monday.
  • The Science behind Biological Sex (September 28th) – Jacqui Bowman and Quincy Greene (College of Physicians, Center for Education and Public Initiatives) will explain the biological processes behind sex assignment and the biological and environmental complexities of sex determination. They will also provide a “hands-on” experience using materials from the Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
  • Gender-Fair Classrooms (October 5th) – In this workshop conducted by Rebecca Kling (Community Storytelling Advocate, National Center for Transgender Equality), participants will devise strategies for reducing stereotypes and advocating inclusivity in schools. Topics will include the effects of gender-coded language and rethinking the gender-binary standard.
    Talking about Gender Change (October 12th) – Panelists Danna Bodenheimer (Walnut Psychotherapy Center), Dr. Thomas Delgiorno (M.D.), and Dr. Genny Beemyn (Stonewall Center, University of Massachusetts – Amherst) will discuss issues surrounding gender identity, expression, and transition.
  • Sexuality and Well-Being (October 19th) – Allie Miller (M.A., L.M.F.T., Starting Point Therapy Center, Haddon Township) will speak about the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression on sexuality as well as the impact of external factors such as discrimination, rejection, and abuse. He will present ways to counteract the negative effects to foster mental and emotional health.
  • Creating Safe Spaces: An Interfaith Exploration (October 26th) – Yahya Alazrak (Board Member, Transfaith), Rabbi Jennifer Frenkel (Congregation M’Kor Shalom), and Pastor Jennifer Bradley (First Baptist Church of Moorestown) will engage in a Q & A session on the role of religion in the lives of members of the LGBTQ community and ways to make religious institutions more inclusive.

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