Lesbian, Lesbian Feminist Groups in Central Jersey

Tuesday Night Lesbian Connection (TLC)
Bound Brook Presbyterian Church Freeman Chapel, Bound Brook Cemetery 500 Mountain Avenue Bound Brook, NJ 08805

Phone: 732-371-3466
Email: info4tnlc@yahoo.com

Social/support group serving the Lesbian community in Somerset County and surrounding areas and is organized to provide the lesbian community with a positive environment. Schedule of events, discussion topics and speakers available at meetings or to women on the mailing list. Meets 7:45PM to 9:30PM on every Tuesday Night.

Trinity Church, 503 Asbury Avenue, Auxillary Building School Gym, Asbury Park

Contact: Mary Ann
Phone: 732-604-1791

Weight loss support group for lesbians. There are no weigh-ins, no 12-step programs, no therapy, no guilt, and no fees or charges. Meets on Thursday nights.

Women's Coming Out Support Group
85 Raritan Avenue Suite 100, Highland Park, NJ 08904

Contact: Pandora Scooter
Email: pandora@pandorascooter.com
Website: https://www.pridecenter.org/support-groups

This group provides a supportive environment for women who are at any stage of the coming out process. Women of all ages who consider themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning are welcome. Ages 18 and over.

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