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My First Story and Check!

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Hi everyone, I know I'm back again pretty early but I have good news. I just finished my first LGBTQ article and received my first pay check which couldn't have come at a better time! Every little bit helps and I'm really grateful. I feel so good ...

My First LGBTQ Interview

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Hey there! I know I'm back pretty soon but I had to share this. A few days ago I just finished my first LGBTQ interview for a magazine. I was kind of nervous but I got through it. It's been a while since I've written but it feels great to be doing ...

2020 Continued I'm Getting Close... I Hope!

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Hi everyone! I have now been back in New Jersey for 7 months! Wow! Where has the time gone! So, I think I'm finally getting close to finding work. This week I had some really fantastic job interviews and one guy really liked me. I applied for an ...

It's 2020!

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It's 2020

My Radio Gig Part 2 and More

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Hi all, I'm still job interviewing and I feel I'm getting close. As I mentioned last time, I do have a radio gig at an NJ University which I'm really enjoying. I really wanted to find a job before the holidays because as we all know once the ...

My First Radio Gig in NJ

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Hi Guys, I have now been in New Jersey for about two months and I may have my first radio gig. I'm not superstitious or any thing but until I actually start it I'm skeptical...lol. It is for a College University and I met for a second time with the ...

Radio and TV LGBT

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Hi Guys, Just wanted to check in briefly and say hello. So, as you know I'm back in New Jersey trying to get settled in. My dream job would be to have my own Radio show but more of an LGBTQ friendly one. It looks as if I may again have to take ...

I'm Back In New Jersey!

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Thanks so much Bonnie!!! Really appreciate it! So, this is my first day back in New Jersey and it feels great! Now the work begins....looking for work and then a permanent place to stay oh and love of course. Again, for anyone that might be ...

Tomorrow's The Big Move

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Well folks, tomorrow's the big move to New Jersey! I'm very excited to be returning home again after being away 15 years. I'm trying to line up work but it looks like it will also be a struggle. I was hoping for radio work but so far after ...