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Getting Closer To My N.C. Move

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Hey everyone, Well as you know I'm planning on moving to North Carolina. I'm excited, scared and hopeful! Here's the latest. I may have a place to stay in a job. Right now they're both up in the air but I am giving it my best! I think my blog will ...

Jersey Boy Moving South?

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Hey Everyone! Spring is here! Yay! So here's the latest, I may be moving to North Carolina in August. I still think I can do the blog. I think it would probably be more about being from New Jersey, Gay and now in North Carolina. I can give you ...

Happy 2022

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Hey everyone! Have a happy, safe and healthy 2022! I know times are difficult right now but we can still keep trying to reach our goals. I am still going to keep pursuing my Radio, Announcer and TV Host career. I feel all these years have prepared ...