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Which is the GREATER Enemy? HIV or Systematic Poverty?

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Is HIV or Systemic Poverty the GREATER enemy of the Black American Community?

I Need to Turn Some Water to Wine

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My new best friends:  The View, The Chew, HGTV and Scandal!

Hello There NJ Gay Life!

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Welcome to Real Open Talk for Life with Jeffrey! I'm so excited to be a part of the blogscape at NJgaylife.com! As my blog title states...we are going to have some real and open conversations but you have to promise to be as nice as you can and ...

Justice from New Brunswick, NJ???

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JUSTICE FROM NEW BRUNSWICK??? I waited to write anything about the trial and the sentencing of Dharun Ravi because I thought others would have more learned input. Certainly, Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality did an excellent job of ...

The Health Insurance Conundrum

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I am planning to add my civil union partner to my employer-provided health insurance plan because my plan provides better coverage than that available through his employer. Is there anything that I should be aware of? Under the Civil Union Act, ...

Persistence is Slow Success

Early in my yoga journey I wasn’t finding much success. I was taking classes at a local gym in a dance studio filled with limber women. One day we did a pose called “Crow” and my success at it was worse than any other pose. In the pose you ...

Mother's Day Again!

Hey, Cousin Butchie! Well, it's Mother's Day again, and ,ya know, I have the same feelings about it. Ya know, the woman is my mother, and I, ya know, have a genuine suspicion that I am here, ya know, because my father ran out of condoms. She has ...

Heaven for Gays and Lesbians

Dear Readers, I have a few questions which came in on my KippyNJ@aol.com screen name, but I need to put them aside and reply to a letter which appeared in the "Dear Abby" column yesterday. It's a very common question, but Abby slightly missed ...