Jersey Boy Still Heading South

Posted by Ronn on Saturday, July 30, 2022

Hello Everyone! How has your Summer been so far (feel free to let me know).  I can't believe that Summer is coming to a close so fast.  It seems like just yesterday that Spring was here.  What?!  Anywho, just an update on my move to North Carolina.  I have pushed my date back to either September 1st or October 1st depending on me finding a job and apartment.  I think I may have a radio job.  While there are tons of more stations down in North Carolina than up here it's still VERY competitive.  However, I will say that it's a little bit better.  I actually may have a radio job.  The pay will be significantly less and it's almost full time but no benefits until I prove myself but I'm willing to take a chance.  I also applied for a Segment Producer position (I can do TV too) and the Director actually emailed me and said she like my CV and demo reel and that I have been "blessed with a great voice". What?!  Now folks It's been a looooooong time since I've heard that.  I've heard a lot of what was wrong with my voice.  One Connecticut PD said "oh I hear a little Jersey in your voice".  I never heard that before in New Jersey.  Anyway, I called my mentor and she said don't worry about it.  I also didn't let it get to me I just tried to work on improving my voice over time.  So, to all the young hopeful future broadcasters that may be reading my little blog don't EVER take no from any body!  We all deserve to go for our dreams.  You go for yours!!! Stay tuned:)




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