Jersey Boy Moving South?

Posted by Ronn on Sunday, April 10, 2022

Hey Everyone!  Spring is here!  Yay!  So here's the latest, I may be moving to North Carolina in August.  I still think I can do the blog.  I think it would probably be more about being from New Jersey, Gay and now in North Carolina. I can give you guys all the info you might need on the hot gay spots in North Carolina and what it's like to be a Jersey boy in the South.  If you remember in 2020 I went down to check it out.  It was very difficult because we were in the midst of COVID.  I'm hoping now that things are a little better and opening up again it won't be so hard.  I know there are hurricanes down there but I also here it also depends on where you live and so many Jersey folks have moved down and really like it. I also have done some research and there are a lot of Radio and TV stations down there so who knows.  Besides I have family here so I will always be back to visit.  Well, that's it for now I will keep you guys posted and if any one has any tips or comments please feel free to leave them.  I have been thinking about other places I might want to live and this just seems right for me.  I have a little family there and a few friends and I think that's important rather than moving some where all by myself.  Well, here goes stay tuned for more and everyone: HAVE A TERRIFIC SPRING AND SUMMER!!!



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