Podcast Drama

Posted by Ronn on Saturday, November 13, 2021

Hey everyone! Guess what! I finished my very first podcast with season 1 now completed! Once I'm given the ok I will let you guys know the name and release date. However, it did not come without some drama.

First, let me start off by saying what an absolutely fantastic time I had! For me it just proved that interviewing and broadcasting is what I TRULY love doing. Since my return home in late 2019 and then COVID-19 hitting us all, it has really been challenging to find work. So, I'm so happy this came along! Yet here is the problem folks. The studio we shot in was very cramped and although I'm vaccinated I wore a mask. I didn't know the podcast was also going to be visual. In the beginning there was no issues. However, after the first or second episode there started to be problems with me wearing the mask. Now, I don't judge others and frankly now being part of the LGBTQ community how could I? If someone wants or does not want to wear a mask that is their choice but I also have a right to chose. I did take the mask off when we had photo shoots or when I hosted a segment by myself because I felt there was good social distancing. There are people still sadly getting the virus even after being vaccinated. So, I'm sorry but I don't feel comfortable taking that risk. I've been in the business a long time so I can tell when something is not working. In our last meeting I simply said I would be more than happy to be a fill in host whenever they need me. I didn't close the door. Moreover, one of the producers and some others did say that this first season was "trial and error", maybe we can get a bigger studio or just zoom or stream it. Another person mentioned most studios have a enough space and separate the hosts on all of their shows. I can't really do the zoom or stream because like I mentioned since moving back to NJ I'm really at the basics right now. I don't have those capabilities. You should see the little studio I'm renting... lol. Anyway, for me, I like going to the studio and getting out of the apartment.

That's the latest guys. I will keep you posted. I'm keeping the door opened and who knows what could happen. I will say that it has been amazing to work on this project and especially since recently coming out making new friends. It just felt great to belong. However, what I will say is in the LGBTQ community we have all felt discrimination's wrath and I feel we should not do that to each other. If I were in charge it wouldn't even be a question. I would find a way to keep that person... they're now family as far as I'm concerned.  Ok, stay tuned and everyone enjoy the holidays!!!!!


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