Podcast Co-Host Update

Posted by Ronn on Saturday, October 2, 2021

Hello All!

Here's the latest on the LGBTQ Podcast update. So far we now have done about 7 episodes. I'm learning a lot about podcasting but these days that's where everything is heading. I'm really excited and as soon as I get the release date you guys will be the first to know. Right now we're still in the production and editing phase. I feel so good that last year I did my first LGBTQ interview for Gay Parent Magazine and now this year I have the podcast. I am still pushing to do more and let me tell you why. While I am going to give this my all, I have been interviewing and working in Radio, TV and Print for 20 years (since college) so I know nothing is guaranteed. TV Hosts are disposable. You could come in one day and just find out you've been replaced... just like that. So, while I love what I'm doing, I'm on the lookout for my next project. Stay tuned! Be safe everyone!!!



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