3 AM wakeups

Posted by Tony Lento on Monday, September 13, 2021

Sleep patterns change drastically after passing the age 60 threshold. I find myself awake after about 3-4 hours sleep, usually around 3AM. Then I'm up for an hour or two before I can finish my nights journey through the land of Morpheus.

3AM. Up in the stillness of that hour without tv or internet, my mind is alert to the things I may not notice during the normal day of this and that. Some of my blog entries appear in the night. They seem to come through me not from me. I hope they continue to surprise me. When I'm up at that hour reading relaxes me so that I can return to sleep.

In my reading, signposts are revealed to me. In my blogs I'd like to share these pointers with you. Maybe they'll strike a chord that will resonate. Most of these pointers are not mine and I will attribute the sources that I cam remember.

"Deep in the night the stars burn the leaves on the high oaks.

A thousand sparks fall into the dark below lighting the path for our eyes."  Tony Lento

3AM. When I face the truths that may be hidden during the day. As if the disguises we use in our daily world are removed by the stillness of the late night. These wake ups can reveal and deepen our understanding and acceptance of who we truly are.



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