It's All One Song

Posted by Tony Lento on Thursday, September 2, 2021

On a live Neil Young album Year of the Horse, an audience member shouts "they all sound the same", to which Neil responds "it's all one song."

I thought, whata simple, clear truth that that points to. Sometimes all we need is a pointer, a signpost, not an answer. Many of us gay, straight, young, old, etc., etc. look for a song of our own.

But underlying it is "all one song". I've never been a rabid political guy in the usual polarized, binary way that many people relate to.

All those positions seem to just separate people rather than bind them together. Hardened points of view, to me, is just another way to categorize people and further the illusion of a binary world. I'm not afraid of people knowing that I'm a gay senior, I just hope that knowledge doesn't restrict their thinking and understanding.

"It's all one song" seems to me to be a beautiful way to journey through this life. I guess it is one of the positives of being the age I am may be.

The falling away of so many illusions about how separate we are from each other. The wonderful perspective of my place in my life's time line helps clear my vision and helps simplify my consciousness. I've always had a deep interest and connection to spiritual teachers and the truth that they help reveal to us. Through all my reading, listening, meditating and non-thinking comes the melody and the vision, "it's all one song.

Ronn from My Coming Out Journey on September 12, 2021 at 11:42:46 am said:
Hi Tony, thanks so much for your comment on my blog here "My Coming Out Journey". It's so funny that you should leave a comment because last week I read all of your blogs and was going to leave you a comment today but you beat me to I really enjoyed your blog and I think you are going to help so many that are going through what are as well. Welcome aboard fellow Blogger! Sincerely, Ronn

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