This is Just the Beginning

Posted by Tony Lento on Friday, August 27, 2021

I've always been a discreet person, someone who took time to consider my responses to others, not to reveal too much all at once and not to be too quick to judge others.

The decision to write this blog is a departure for me. One that is necessary at this point in my life.

After coming out to my wife of 40 years my world changed immensely. We are living apart, me in a small apartment, her in our home.

Its been several months since this change. Time that has been both frightening and liberating. I feel the need to express my feelings and thoughts about my new world, and hope to connect to other senior gay men in similar situations to mine.

At the present time I'm adapting to my new circumstances, looking inward (as I have always done) and seeking the beginning of a new path.

A few things that I hope to find are: socializing with like minded men, places where I can meet others to talk with, and being able to express myself in an open way. This blog is, I hope, the way to do these things.

This is just the beginning. I welcome any comments. I've been taking notes about this journey and will share them in future blogs.


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