Name Change

Posted by Ronn on Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hello everyone,

As you know the title of my blog is "My Coming Out Journey" and I appreciate all those who are coming along with me on this journey. So, with that said I am using my real name. I do know each of us has our own journey to take and forcing someone to come out before they are ready can really be disastrous. However, I feel I'm ready. Oh and I think I may be the co-host of a new lgbtq podcast that is in the works.

Everything looks pretty good and the producers seem to like me so I will keep you posted. I'm also hoping to do some more writing, radio and on-air work. Again everyone have a great Summer and many thanks to everyone for all their comments to my blog. They have ALL been very encouraging and positive which just says so much and means so much! THANK YOU AND HAVE A FANTASTIC SUMMER!!!!




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