Happy 2021

Posted by Ross on Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ok everyone, I'm on the move so I have to make this quick. I am still on my coming out journey and yesterday was my birthday! Where does the time go? Anyway, while I'm happy to have returned to NJ, I really can't believe how there is not more media for LGBTQ. We are so close to NYC and really NJ is a melting pot.  I have been in Radio/TV/Print for over 20 years and the same walls that were up when I left are practically still there.  I'm I am sure most of you know what I mean by that. I did have a radio show on at Centenary College but because of COVID-19 the show has been put on hiatus. :( I actually went to North Carolina this past October because I was so frustrated. I decided to again return to NJ I would like to stay in my home state and make things happen for us in LGBTQ but it's an up hill battle. Stay tuned! Happy 2021!  


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