It's 2020!

Posted by Ross on Saturday, January 18, 2020

Hey Everyone! Happy New Year! 

I'm still looking for a job but I have been networking like crazy. Almost every week I have an interview. It's just very tough out here. I'm learning how to re-define myself. It's literally been down to me and someone else for the position and I just missed. I have also had some weird interviews. One job I didn't get because although the guy said he really liked me he felt the distance was too far (they don't take anyone that lives more than 30 minutes away). What?! I tried to explain that I have commuted over an hour at times in my career and was never late! However, sometimes you just can't change someone's mind. :(

Moreover, I also wanted to continue working in LGBTQ but at this point I will have to take what I can. Overall, I have found the LGBTQ community in New Jersey to be very supportive... it's just tough. I guess this is going to be another life lesson and growing chapter of my life. What I do to de-stress is make sure to hit the gym, go to Barnes & Noble to relax because I love books and look at the positive and stay calm. I know, easier said than done.

Oh and my love life, well, nothing yet. I was dating but we decided we are better as friends and we are!

It's 2020 and with a new year and decade there comes hope and possibilities! If there is any one going through something similar I would love to hear from you. All the best to everyone for a fantastic 2020! Stay Tuned!




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