My First Radio Gig in NJ

Posted by Ross on Friday, October 11, 2019

Hi Guys,

I have now been in New Jersey for about two months and I may have my first radio gig. I'm not superstitious or any thing but until I actually start it I'm It is for a College University and I met for a second time with the PD (Program Director). I have my time slot and today went through training. Next week we will record my show promo and I think I will start then. It's a two hour slot with no pay but it's a start and I'm very excited. You guys might know this but in the radio biz the longer you're off the air then well... you get it. I also just love radio. I would do it for free (and I I have had some paid jobs and then recently some no pay jobs. I just decided a few years ago that I'm doing it to "feed my soul". Hopefully something will lead to me being able to feed myself (I couldn't help saying that). I have also found a fill in TV Hosting job with a Gay TV News program in NYC. Again, next week I will meet with the Producers and other Hosts to see if we're a fit.

I know these are small steps but I feel very good about this.  What's the old saying "You have to crawl before you can walk".....stay tuned!



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