I'm Back In New Jersey!

Posted by Ross on Friday, August 2, 2019

Thanks so much Bonnie!!! Really appreciate it!  So, this is my first day back in New Jersey and it feels great!  Now the work begins....looking for work and then a permanent place to stay oh and love of course.  Again, for anyone that might be reading along with me (thanks again btw) I'm looking for work as a Radio or TV Host....maybe even do some more acting.  I'm also getting back into writing as you can tell.  Being a Radio or TV Host can really be highly competitive. You can be too tall, not tall enough or your voice too this or that. Yet I will give it my all.  This time around I'm definitely going to try and go for my dreams. If there are any of you out there here's what I've learned. You should always go for your dream because giving up and trying to play it safe really isn't safe at all. I'll tell why from my own little point of view. That little "safe box" can turn into a prison when dreams are unfulfilled. So, I always tell everyone! Go for your Dreams! So here I go! If there is anyone that's ever been in that situation or is in that situation would love to hear how you are: Going for Your Dreams!!!  Stay tuned.


Anasia on February 10, 2021 at 6:50:40 pm said:
I come out to all of my friends and so to my cousins but im scared to come out to my mom i want to but i don't think she will support me i don't what to do.

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