The Hairy Vegetarian in Parnu, Estonia

Posted by Steven Russell on Monday, October 1, 2018
On our bus ride from Tallinn to Riga, Latvia, we stopped for lunch in the Estonian vacation town of Pärnu. I was again, and by now, unjustifiably, not hopeful. But Joe and I just happened to walk into the town’s vegetarian restaurant, Piccadilly kohvik. I’m glad Joe agreed to eat there. He usually is very open to vegetarian food. As we sat outside at a table by a flower box, some of our group passed by. They asked us how it was. Joe replied, “It’s all vegetarian, but it’s good.” I glared at him. He said, “Oh, you know what I mean.”
I had a tofu wrap. The tofu was marinated and grilled. It was chewy and spicy. It almost had the consistency of tempeh. Also in the wrap were grilled vegetables, greens, and a tasty sauce with what I think contained tahini. Joe had a vegetable soup that was hearty, and a plate of braised baby bok choy, pickled cucumber cubes, and a fantastic medley of rice, quinoa, and what I think was chopped chickpeas. The sauce was vinegary and spicy. He let me have some, since I didn’t get the soup. I was again beyond surprised and delighted at the vegetarian option in this Baltic area.  

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