Why Have You Not Commented about Donald Trump?

Posted by Cousin Butchie on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Yo, Cousin Butchie!

My friends and I read your column. Sometimes we're good on you, and other times we find your advice to be spot on.

So... What in the name of God has caused you to be silent about "President" Donald Trump, his policies, actions, and comments?  

We really would like to hear your thoughts on this man-- unless you are one of his fans, in which case you may just ignore this letter.

-Aggravated Group of Gay Guys

Dearest Aggravated Group of Gay Guys,

I apologize for what you perceive as my failure to comment on Donald Trump. I swear to you that I find him an embarrassing, crude, narcissistic, volatile and outright scary "leader." I have never heard a man who uses so many words like "greatest" and "truly...." etc. I have no confidence in him, and I certainly have no respect for his plans to "make America great again." 

I will say that I might have replied to any issue concerning this man if you had written a message about it. IN MY MIND, MERELY MAKING MY OWN OPINIONS KNOWN WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE 'PREACHING TO THE CHOIR."

CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG... but I don't know of any LGBT person who supports Trump.

Richard on November 4, 2017 at 9:53:54 pm said:
Trump is only part of the problem. He?s in a position of power for a reason. Nobody in congress likes him, yet they protect and stand by him for a reason. He?s a distraction from what they?re really doing to us. He?s the reality tv show joke front man while there are other puppets pulling those strings.

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