Bigotry within the LGBT community

Posted by Simone on Sunday, April 2, 2017

In the current political and social climate, words like equality, discrimination and rights are heard and seen quite often. Which they should be. Under this current legislation, the LGBT community has no room for complacency. It is times like these where unity is of the utmost importance. Yet we remain divided for the very reason we protest and advocate. Ironically enough we can't point the finger at society or America without first pointing the finger at ourselves. The LGBT community is a very discriminatory community, whether it is judging someone because they are bisexual, transgendered or even because of their race.

Somehow we've allowed a lot of heteronormative and majority ideals slip into our community. As a member of the LGBT community as well as being a "double minority" (African-American and lesbian), I know all too well what discrimination within the community looks and feels like. It is a very sobering and often sad reality to find that not only are you not always accepted by the majority of society, you face these same tribulations within the community you identify with the most.

The discussions surrounding these issues has been had time and time again with very little change. I think it is important that these discussions continue until we see actual change. Let's start putting some work behind these conversations. Let's start a new type of dialogue. Why does so much self hate exist? What are we as a community scared of when it comes to "different" and most importantly, what can we do to changed the culture within our community?

I want to hear from all of you. Share your personal stories with discrimination within the community. How did you handle it? What do you think we or even you can do to change things? Why do you think discrimination exists in the community? 



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