Swipe Left Or Swipe Right

Posted by Simone on Monday, March 20, 2017

We're seventy-five days into 2017. Unfortunately or fortunately you've found yourself single. But let's just say for argument's sake that this is a good thing for you. The world is your oyster, there's plenty of fish in the sea(pun intended). So you're ready to mingle, get out there and strut your stuff.

Now what? Where should you or rather, where do you start? The internet seems like a great place. There's Tinder, POF, HER, Grinder, Facebook and a whole host of other dating sites. So you decide to take the leap of faith. First, you need to create a profile, upload a photo, fill in the ever vague and tedious "about me" section, which I've been told no one even reads. What do you say? What don't you say? Now here comes the fun part; match, swipe right, swipe left, heart, thumps up or down. Send a message, talk about everything and nothing. Meet up. Catfish.

Whoa, this doesn't seem as easy as you might have thought, huh? Now lets throw society and the era into the mix. I'm sure you've heard of the term and/or have been called a millennial. Yup, you're a part of the so called "I want it now, microwave" generation. When it comes to dating in this generation, things can be tough to say the least. Majority of the time it seems that everyone is just looking for a quick, cheap thrill or a hookup. Nothing significant or promising. So where does that leave all the hopeless romantics?


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