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Posted by Cousin Butchie on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hello, Wonderful Readers...

I am not answering your question(s) in this post.

Rather, I want to remind everyone to watch Dateline on Channel 4 on Friday, March 10th from 9-11PM.

The program will deal with the horrendous harm caused by people who think that LGBT people can be changed by reparative therapy. This practice has been condemned by all mental health professionals. Our beloved Governor Christie has also outlawed this travesty in New Jersey.

Last week, there was a fairly good mini-series called "When We Rise" covering the history of the LGBT's history of facing considerable hardships and discrimination in their attempts to give us the freedoms we have today. If it's repeated, I'll post a message. Although there were many commercials and some loose ends, these four programs told the stories of what they did FOR US... much of which is forgotten today. Very likely, we will all need to keep very much on the ball during this unexpected Trump-Pence Administration.

Also... at your request, I will try to do an interview with Uncle RJ. Can't promise when, but chocolate bunnies get him revved up, so I'll try that.




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