How many anniversaries are enough?

Posted by Bonnie Kantor on Thursday, October 22, 2015


This morning, Facebook reminded me that on this day two years ago I posted the picture on the left with the caption: At Metuchen Boro Hall this morning, applying for our Marriage license. Our good friend Laura was our witness.

On November 10th, the love of my life and I will celebrate two years of legal married bliss here in NJ. It will also be the 25th anniversary of our first wedding in 1990. That was at our beloved Temple Emanu-El in Edison with Rabbi Landsberg and about 100 of our familiy, friends, and co-workers (see us in our 1990s splendor below, right). A pretty big deal for us.


Our commitment to our relationship includes lots of anniversaries: the day we met, the day we realized, first kiss, the first wedding, domestic partnership, civil union and then legal marriage. It made me think, not for the first time, about all of these anniversaries we celebrate, or at least remember, with or without the prompting of Facebook. Yes, the road to equality was long and winding and we took each step that came along, each time thinking we had reached the place that would be "it". After our small, intimate wedding two years ago, we said "Finally, the last wedding we need to have. We are really married." Of course, this summer the Supreme Court made it portable to all 50 states. Another step.

I know, because I compare notes, that many LGBT couples take note of many, many anniversaries--not all jewelry occasions, by the way. Is this true of all couples? Even non-LGBT ones? I was married to a man earlier in my life and I don't remember keeping track of all those special moments. Maybe they weren't that special in that relationship. What do YOU think? How important are ALL the dates along the way for you and your special someone?

By the way, I am totally loving calling Linda my wife! It makes the rest of any conversation so very simple. Instant recognition. Happy legal marriage anniversary to all of us in NJ!


Joan Fischer on October 23, 2015 at 9:02:25 pm said:
Yes,the years 2004,2007 & 2013 all have meanings for us in NJ.

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