Gay Marriage Victory, but beware!

Posted by Cousin Butchie on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dear Readers, Friends and Enemies,

There is little doubt in my mind that the Supreme Court Decision in favor of gay marriage is the greatest victory for the LGBT Community that has ever happened in our collective LGBT lives. It presents a powerful message to those who have spent many millions of dollars to prevent this day (June 26, 2015) from ever arriving. We have let the several branches of the Catholic Church and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (among many others, but these two groups have led the pack) know that when they have demands and policies in their own churches they need to concentrate on influencing ONLY their own members. Trying to legislate their version of morality for the entire country is simply not workable anymore.

When I first heard of the Supreme Court Decision I was driving to the Stop & Shop-- part of my gay agenda for the day. Because I am often amused by (and angered by) the statements and the carrying on of the ultra-conservatives in this country, I was listening to Laura Ingram on WCTC 1450. This woman immediately started to say that any civilization which has gone this far into the sewer will be punished by God-- that a great tribulation is going to befall the United States for allowing "Sodomites" to legally marry. It is similar to the stupidity of the Reverend Pat Robertson who has blamed the LGBT Community for hurricanes, blizzards, droughts... and most sadly has claimed that the AIDS, pandemic is God's punishment for all of us, but most definitively for gay men. They have never been able to explain where protease inhibitors and anti-virals have come from. The fact that AIDS is not cured but successfully treated has shut them up for the time being.

Cousin Butchie extends his sympathy to the Mormons, the Pentecostals, the Conservative Catholics and the other "good" people who could not accept the fact that two people, no matter what the gender, could commit themselves to a loving marriage and receive all of the benefits of the law. THE REALITY IS THAT WE NOW SMPLY HAVE 'MARRIAGE' IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORD 'GAY' NEED NOT BE USED AS A PREFIX.

I will close by wishing all of my newly and legally married friends my best wishes as they know they are pioneers.

Ken & Mike, David & Mark, Scott & Kevin, Marie & Cathy... just to name a few!


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