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Posted by Cousin Butchie on Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dear Cousin Butchie,
I need your advice. I am 16 years old and in a very serious relationship. I know for sure that I will be together with my boyfriend forever. He and I were discussing a future wedding, and he told me that we shouldn't have a wedding announcement in the NY Times because all of the couples' announcements indicate that the guys (or women) are highly successful and usually come from pedigree families-all of which is written in the marriage notice.
I spent $5 last week and bought the newspaper on Sunday. My boyfriend is right. It's all very high shelf gay men pictured there.
Do you agree?

Average Joe
Dear Joe,
Never call yourself "average" because everyone has some distinct qualities. As for the wedding announcement, remember that you are young, and you may have something very impressive to list in your bio and your boyfriend's. HOWEVER, I just read today's issue over, and I agree with you that it does seem to be a high society register.
The reason(s) other marrying couples aren't listed on these pages can be financial (the cost of an announcement in this newspaper costs a good deal. My suggestion is to wait until you are ready to marry, and then put your announcement in a local newspaper or two. I would be very surprised if more than a few of your friends' parents buy the SUNDAY TIMES.
Oh, and even though you didn't ask, Cousin Butchie will consider coming to your wedding if everything goes well for you two guys, and I hope it does!


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