My Brother is Gay and That's OK

Posted by Cousin Butchie on Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Cousin Butchie,

I am not GLBT but my brother is and I want to let him know that it's not a problem for me.  I honestly sort of snooped into his computer so that he might read this.  I hope it works. I do know he reads this NJGayLife.Com website.

 Hi Bro,

I know that you've been having a lot of problems in school and that other dudes bully you.  Bro, I've seen it myself and didn't know whether to step into it. I just want you to know that if they ever were really going to try to hurt you, I have your back

I know we have never talked much about sex at all.  Our family is kind of repressed, and I'm sure you have wondered as often as I have how we got here.  Did our parents actually acquire us in the traditional way...after nine months to prepare? LOL

I want you to know that I love you, Bro.  I also want you to know that I want us to talk about any problems (or joys) you have.  If you need help telling the parents I'll be by your side if you need me for support.

Big Brother

Dear Big Brother,

The world would be a much better place if there were more brothers and sisters out there who are as supportive of their gay sibling(s).  You always have PFLAG as a support.  Even if you just want to talk to our gay helpline moderator, it's there for you as well as for parents. Oh yeah, that stands for PARENTS, FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF LESBIANS OF GAYS. North Jersey number is 1-908-4227.  You'll be speaking to a gay person who can listen and advise you if ytou want any advice, like online here but they don't  seem to use the helpline too often.

Just because it's so timely, bro,  this weekend Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church is having the "I'm an Upstander" addition to their services this weekend.  Petitions against bullying will be given out at the 5 pm Mass on Saturday night and on Sunday at 9 and 11:30.

Sacred Heart Church on Plainfield Avenue in South Plainfield is a gay-friendly parish.  

If you were to attend and take home a copy of the petition you signed and then showed it to your brother, it would be a great way to let him know much of what you said in this letter.

Thanks for being you!

Cousin Butchie

++ The petition campaign is aligned with the Tyler Clementi Foundation.  Tyler lived in fear of being "found out" and took his own life when other Rutgers students bullyed him by recording an intimate encounter Tyler had with another man.  Tyler killed himself, and his family wants to try to prevent another GLBT person (of any age)  from such despair that life is not worth living.



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