My Ayurveda Experience – Day 7 - The Final Day

Posted by Steven Russell on Monday, August 4, 2014

I’m finished! Seven days of therapy. I’m sure that I will need to take some time to let my body properly respond to everything. I think today was the longest I was there, though. The oil therapy seemed to go on for a long time. Then while I was in the sweat box I engaged the therapist in conversation. We talked about a lot of things. Some things we had spoken about before. Then he wanted to show me more music on YouTube, I think to inspire me to make more of my own videos and to promote them. So I think I was in the sweatbox longer than he intended me to be. But I didn’t come out as Olive Oyl.

I met with the woman who did the original consultation. She took my pulse and said, “Perfection.” She advised me to keep with the no milk regimen for a few more days. And to go easy on the other foods that I haven’t been eating for the past week. She gave me some liquid to take in the mornings for my sinuses and a pill to take in the evening. Just for two weeks. She said, “And then you don’t need me.”

I’ve really enjoyed spending time with the therapist. Not that I expected the time to be tedious. But spending time alone with one person for over ten hours could have been either very relaxing, as in a massage where you fall asleep, or very tedious, with awkward silence, uncomfortable communication, and the like. This man was often very friendly, but also allowed me to zone out at times. He and I had some very lively discussions about a variety of things, both related to the therapy I was undergoing, and not. He also provided not a small amount of insight into things going on in my life in general. I’m going to miss him.




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