My Ayurveda Experience – Day 2

Posted by Steven Russell on Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today was my second day of therapies. They were the same six therapies, just stronger. It was with the same therapist. I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t know his name. We have now spent three hours together with his hands pretty much everywhere imaginable and I don’t know his name. We will fix that tomorrow.

We spent less time with the hot sandbags. Ok, tomorrow I’m also going to find out the actual names of these therapies, and if these are actually sandbags. The hot oil in the clay dam on my lower back was hotter. The oil he rubbed all over me was stronger smelling. He asked me if I like the smell. I did like it. He said many people don’t like the smell. It was a kind of minty smell, but more like spice than mint. He told me it was very good for my skin. He was much more talkative today. I spent more time in the hot box. And it was really hot. I kept thinking of those Popeye cartoons where someone went into a hot box like Brutus and came out like Olive Oyl. Or maybe I’d have sweat so much that I’d look like a prune. The therapist talked to me a lot while I was in there. But good talk. I enjoyed it very much. It also helped take my mind off how hot it was and how much I was sweating. And I kept thinking that I should have had more to drink.

The oil he put in my nose was stronger. We talked about how much stuff was going to come out of my sinuses. And the enema was supposed to stay in for 45 minutes. I didn’t make it. But I tried. I really tried.

This will be very interesting doing this 6 days in a row. Now that I pretty much know what to expect I think I can relax more. And I feel comfortable enough to ask more questions. Plus, I feel lighter. Maybe I’m losing weight. Or maybe I just feel better and less hungry. I’ve been following my instructions not to drink alcohol and nothing cold. Just warm water. And I’m not supposed to eat white flour, any milk product, grapes, bananas, or cauliflower. I’ve been avoiding weighing myself. I think I’ll wait a few more days to do that. I feel lighter. And things that used to hurt don’t hurt as much.



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