A Month of Less Distraction – Day 18

Posted by Steven Russell on Friday, July 18, 2014

I had a day off and it was a stunningly beautiful day. Last year I vowed to get to the beach before September, which was the first time I got there last year. So I went. Several things helped me be less distracted by annoying things. I wasn’t alone, so that helped. Driving is much less of a pain when there is someone in the car to distract you. Also, I was going to the beach on a gorgeous day! Who could be distracted when that happens? I started to get distracted at the beach. Who was smoking. Who had a radio playing. Who put their blanket too close to mine. But they faded very quickly. The waves were fantastic. It wasn’t too hot. Driving home I was in that beach zone. Too chilled out to worry about anything. So how can I drive all the time as if I was just at the beach?


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