A Month of Less Distraction – Day 9

Posted by Steven Russell on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So what were today’s distractions and how can I overcome them?

My throat is still sore. It’s been sore a week now. That’s a big distraction. Mainly because it hurts. How to overcome it? Trust that it will get better I suppose. But then there is worry. What if it doesn’t get better? What if, what if… That’s a hard one.

There’s a section of the road that I take to work where the radio fades out. I start blaming the radio station, a Public Radio station that I contribute to. I start worrying if my antenna is broken. Solution – turn off the radio (see yesterday’s post). Turn on a CD or listen to the music on my phone.

During my yoga class the neighbors were having a storm door put in. The sounds were distracting. Solution – tell the class that it’s good practice to focus away from the sounds and more intently on their breathing. Turn up the music in the room.

Without the TV on the silence can be deafening. Solution – enjoy it. What am I doing as I write this without the TV on? I’m listening to Pandora on my laptop. I never do that.

I think tomorrow I will try to head off the distractions before they occur. 


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