A Month of Less Distraction – Day 4

Posted by Steven Russell on Friday, July 4, 2014

vṛttayaḥ pañcatayyaḥ kliṣṭākliṣṭāḥhttps://asoft7100.accrisoft.com/njgaylife/clientuploads/_photos/_1/Abbey Toy Small.jpg

 There are five kinds of mental modifications which are either painful or painless.

So these distractions can be painful. That’s pretty obvious. I’m trying to think of the ones that are painless. I suppose they are all painless when they happen, but the results can be painful. If they take my mind away from something I really need to do, the consequences are painful.

The house is so quiet, but then it’s so full of noise. All sorts of noises that I don’t really hear very often. The dogs playing with toys. The sound their feet make on carpet and on tile. How thunderously loud the refrigerator is. Today is a holiday. I was at home alone all morning because I’ve had a cold and didn’t go with my husband to visit family. The TV stayed off. I read quite a few chapters in a book. I even had a rather focused yoga practice which has been avoiding me lately.

We went to visit friends for dinner. I left before dessert. Mostly because I’m trying to get over my cold, but also I need to reduce the distraction that refined sugar becomes. Aside from the belly issue, I don’t think my body responds well to the surge of immediately available sugar from something like cake. I know before I eat it that I shouldn’t. I can’t stop thinking about it. I talk myself into having it. I regret it and beat myself up for doing it. Let’s see how long I can avoid that whole thing.

It seems very pleasing that as I start to eliminate things from my life I see how much more is there.


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