A Month of Less Distraction – Day 3

Posted by Steven Russell on Thursday, July 3, 2014

vṛtti sārūpyam-itaratra

At other times the self assumes the forms of the mental modifications.

I hear often that we are what we eat. I think more often it’s true that we become what we pay attention to. It would make sense then, that we would avoid becoming what we don’t allow our minds to fixate on. What others https://asoft7100.accrisoft.com/njgaylife/clientuploads/_photos/_1/Belly.JPGthink of us. Gossip. Alarmists.

We also get attached to things. Some things we should get attached to, like remaining calm, breathing deeply, eating well. But we can become overly attached to those as well. They should happen. Getting attached to them would cause us to obsess about them. We do them because they are good for us. That’s all.

I will be the first to admit that I have a belly. And I don’t have the body where it looks natural. It’s out of place. And probably very unhealthy. I tend to fixate on it. However, lately I haven’t done a lot to get rid of it. I think I’ve become attached to it. Maybe I keep it to give myself a distraction from other things about myself that I should be focusing on. Or maybe I just like having it around for company. Needless to say, it’s a distraction. Not because I care about what other people think about it, but that it matters what I think about it. And I think about it. It’s time to let go of it.

On another note, the TV has not been on all day. I don’t even know where the remote is.


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