Why I Make Yoga Videos

Posted by Steven Russell on Friday, April 25, 2014

Why Do I Make Yoga Videos?

I started making yoga videos and putting them on YouTube to inspire guys to do yoga. I figured if they could see another guy who’s not young, who’s not thin, and who’s not very limber doing yoga and explaining some simple yoga moves, then a few of them might start doing some of the breathing and moves at home, and maybe even attend a class. I intended some of the videos to be funny, some to be informative, and some to explain a little further some of the things we do in yoga classes.

Back in February a man sent me a message on Facebook. You know how Facebook is if you try to contact someone who’s not your friend. This message when to my “other” message box. I didn’t even see it until a month later when I just happened to look in that box. There was this message. The one below. This is why I teach yoga. This is why I make yoga videos. This is what he sent me:


Hi Steven, I am a 38 year old 300 lb guy who recently sprained my back and had recurring difficulty sleeping from pain. I found your videos on YouTube and I have thanks to your very easy instruction begun to practice yoga. I just wanted to thank you for posting those videos they have really opened up for me the chance to do yoga and I am slowly beginning to improve. In the last 2 weeks since I started I can do simple poses and I have lost 20 pounds. I will begin a class next week and it is possible because your videos inspired me and even helped teach me I can do yoga. Thank you





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