The Hairy Vegetarian in Freehold - El Meson

Posted by Steven Russell on Sunday, March 23, 2014

Last night five friends a Meson.jpgnd I went out to celebrate a couple of birthdays at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Central New Jersey, El Meson in Freehold. The place has been there for many years. I’ve enjoyed sitting outside next to the sidewalk watching people pass by on Main Street on a warm summer night. You can get a six pack of Negra Modelo down the street at the corner liquor store and enjoy your burrito with the hot hot sauce, or maybe even the pretty hot medium sauce.

They have several vegetarian options. You can always get a burrito or enchilada with beans and cheese (unless you’re vegan, of course. Then your options are limited). Last night I had the “Vegetarian Platter.” It was a burrito stuffed with black beans and mixed vegetables, mostly broccoli and carrots, and finished with melted cheese. I was very happy it wasn’t zucchini. I hate zucchini, but that’s another blog post. The burrito was accompanied by a twelve-inch flour tortilla stuffed with melted Monterey Jack Cheddar cheese and mixed vegetables.

I ordered the platter covered in the medium green sauce, a delicious tomatillo with a nice kick. I asked for the hot hot sauce on the side, and then tempted myself to dip into it when the sweat on the top of my head subsided.

I decided not to order the Quesadilla Vegetoriana, initially because it had zucchini in it. However the menu description for this vegetarian dish listed cheese, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, pico de gallo, and salmon. Perhaps the salmon was vegetarian. I meant to ask the waiter about it, but got too involved with the discussions at the table and forgot.

El Meson is at 40 W Main St Freehold, NJ 07728 Their phone number is (732) 308-9494.



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