The Hairy Vegetarian - What Does a Vegetarian Eat for Breakfast?

Posted by Steven Russell on Monday, December 2, 2013

When people find out that I’m a vegetarian many immediately ask me what I eat. So many friends, strangers even, are very worried about my intake of protein.  Others are worried about my vitamin quotas. A few have expressed concern that I will eat too many avocados, since they are so high in fat. Keep in mind that these are people who routinely ingest large quantities of animal muscle, identifiable or not. I appreciate their concern.  It also opens up a discussion of what we both eat, and that’s a good thing. We learn from each other. 

A few years before I became a vegetarian I explored a detoxifying diet that included a morning shake. I subsequently learned a few more morning tricks from a very helpful doctor.  This all spoke well to the influence growing up of my mother who was a dietitian. She sparked in me a curiosity from as far back as I can remember about what was in food, the varieties needed in a balanced diet, the benefits and pitfalls of synthetic vitamins, and a general love of food. 

So, what do I eat for breakfast? At home, where I have a Blendtek and stores of strange ingredients I typically make the following:

Place in the blender:

2 T. soy lecithin granules

2 heaping T. (rotate each day) of one of four protein powders - whey, rice, egg, or hemp

1 heaping T. brewers yeast

3 heaping T. nutritional yeast flakes

1 heaping t. spirulina

1 c. plain full fat yogurt

1 T. sour cherry concentrate

1 T. elderberry extract

1 T. omega 3 oil

1 c. aloe gel (whole leaf)

1 T. or more coconut oil

1 T. chia seeds

1 T. really raw honey

Fresh herbs from the garden (rotate each day) - green basil, purple basil, sage, parsley, oregano, thyme, or rosemary

1/3 c. apple cider vinegar (Braggs, with the mother)

Grind in a coffee grinder (not the one your husband uses for his coffee in the morning, or he’s in for a big surprise) and then add to the blender:

 1 T. flax seeds

1/2 stick cinnamon

Dash of cardamom seeds (out of the pods, or you’re in for a bit of a surprise)

Sometimes I add a banana, blackberries, blueberries, pears, or other seasonal fruit

I think I’m getting an acceptable amount of protein and a variety of nutrients. Most people cringe after the first few ingredients. Others worry that I’m wasting precious morning energy with all of the above labor. It takes me less time than making an omelet.  It also tastes good. I look forward to it. I do have to be careful with the amount of vinegar.  I don’t measure many of the ingredients. 

I’d be interested in comments from people. Keep in mind how I’d react when I find out you eat bacon, however. I’m not vegan, but if I were I’d use soy yogurt and would skip the egg and whey protein, and the honey. 

Bon appetit. What do you eat for breakfast?



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