Archbishop John Myers

Posted by Cousin Butchie on Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Cousin Butchie has had more than a few requests for his opinion on the conduct of Archbishop John Myers of Newark, NJ and the metropolitan (head honcho) for all of NJ.

I will cut to the chase and say that his conduct in transferring a pedophile priest to an office job, but letting him fill in as a priest on call in several parishes is not in accord with the way the National Catholic Bishops Conference has claimed that all sex abuse cases be handled.  In fact, since the "clergy crisis" reared its head in 2002-2003, it has become obvious that members of the hierarchy have not complied with their own guidelines on the handling of sex abuse cases.  Some bishops have been extraordinarily open and transparent with the media.  Other. besides John Myers have been Cardinal Mahoney in Los Angeles, Bishop Justin Rigali in Philadelphia....and church leaders scattered across the United States.  In conjunction with our own problems in this country, there have been very similar  ways of "handling" the sex abuse problem in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland,,,,, and the list goes on.

Archbishop John Myers made the extremely stupid move of placing a pedophile priest in the position of chaplain at Saint Michael's Medical Center in Newark.  As has been his practice with others, the people at the problem priest's' new assignments are never told the priestss' histories. There could be no job which would possibly give the priest more access to children than making him a chaplain.  No one would question or even pay much attention to a chaplain going into a child's room. 

So very many of our members of the hierarchy "pussy foot" around and defy civil law becaue so many are discovered to be gay themselves.  That fact is that gay NEVER is equal to PEDOPHILE. 

I think that Archbishop John Myers should be forced to resign.  Hopefully, it would not be a transfer to a higher position in Rome.  I truly believe that the John Paul 11  days are gone.  Pope Francis has  made enough statements and  radically different (and better) changes in the Vatican protocol and customs.  He has specifically said that the clergy abuse crisis must be dealt with justly and quickly.

I can't say much more...but it is my educated opinion that everything printed in the Star-Ledger about Myers (especially the editorial insisting he resign).  The defense and rebuttal from the Archbishop and his spokesman have made no sense. 

I also want to say that I know there are many gay priests right in the arcdiocese, and across the world.  I have alwys found them to be superior men who support the gay community in subtle ways-- ways that will not get them fired. 

The buzz words now are "Change the leaders. Save the Church."


Cousin B.




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