Sad/ Almost an Orphan Revisited

Posted by Cousin Butchie on Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Greetings to my readers!  I was enjoying a dream vacation tour in Provinceton, Greenwich Village, Key West and hanging out with Prince Harry. 

Then I woke up and realized that my summer excursions included a guided tour of Perth Amboy and reliving the sudden panic of being in the EZ-Pass Only toll booth  of the Garden State Parkway and almost getting killed trying to get to where my actual cash could be accepted.  The Jersey Shore is always easier to navigate in November, but that's no excuse for not having EZ Pass.

So....  A good number of readers have contacted me at my other screen address ( to ask questions.  They will all be answered in this column if you gave me permission to do so.  One letter, however, needed more immediate attention.  The writer was answered already, but I'm using it as the catalyst for this blog NOW.  The genuine tone of the message demanded serious attention.

HERE'S THE NEXT LETTER WHICH FOLLOWS "SAD'S" letter from back on April 21, 2012.  He had signed himself as "Almost an Orphan" at the time.


Dear Cousin Butchie,

You answered my message last spring and I didn't really follow what you suggested, but I want to share a success with you..

In the past few months, I have become a different person.  I dumped my really sweet, hot and hung boyfriend by saying I didn't want him to suffer from my messes.  I am sad sometimes, and sadder more times than that.  I have an appetite most of the time or I binge on junk food.  My close friends are worried, and I can see that they are losing patience with me.  Anything I bought and A&F or Hollister sits in my closet.  I look like the town garbage man.  I also have not even considered how what I will do when I get out of high school.  My dad tolerates me, but he's made comments that I miss mom more than he does and that's not normal.  Is there any answer you can give me.?

Sad and Almost an Orphan


Dear Sad, etc.

When you wrote your first letter back in April, you didn't present as many symptoms as you present now.  In short, my friend, you need immediate help with what appears to be a clinical depression.  I am not a doctor, so I am asking you to go to one.  A good family practice doctor (or nurse practitioner) will listen to you and probably prescribe an anti-depressant medication.  You will need to be  monitored on the medication.  It is also sometimes necessary to change to another medication.  While this is happening, the doctor may suggest a therapist.  If this happens, you'll probably have a waiting list to contend with.  If your father has medical insurance, it will be easier to find a private therapist.  Most often, they will offer a sliding scale payment arrangement.  You have resources out there, and if you have trouble finding them, please contact me at my other screen name...

I hope to hear from you soon.


The response is too lengthy to copy here, but "Sad" is taking anti-depressant medicaion and is feeling 100%  better.  He writes that most of the time he has a hard time remembering how depressed he once felt.  His doctor said he may or may not need a therapist-- and they would determine that as times goes by.


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