A Transparent Moment About the CHICKEN Issue

Posted by W. Jeffrey Campbell on Thursday, August 2, 2012

Many of the comments that I read on yesterday regarding that CHICKEN matter have saddened me.

TRANSPARENT MOMENT:  There has been a great worldwide web conversation/debate over the past few weeks about the corporate leader of a certain CHICKEN chain that closes on Sundays and his now open support against marriage equality.  Many of the comments that I have read regarding this issue have saddened me. I'm clear that everyone has the right to an opinion and to support what they choose. However, I'm burdened by the hatred that is evident. I'm burdened by the hurt that many are expressing.  I'm burdened by how some declare that members of the LGBTQ community are not human, are pedophiles, a threat to society and are the reason why God has allowed HIV/AIDS to penetrate our world.  The misuse of scripture is far and wide.  It extends from the pulpit to the ivory towers of corporate America to the halls of Congress and into our neighborhoods and schools.  There are many who have fearfully hidden who they are as a sexual being behind an "I support..." sign.  I am not hating on you because I too have hidden behind some words and actions in my life as well.  But, I can tell you that hiding only creates more lies to be told and more misery to endure.  Oh that one day you will reconcile your soul and live in peace.  It is wise to be careful where we stand in these moments for you too are a part of a marginalized community.  If they have not come for you yet, be vigilant and not foolish, they will come.  As a nation we are writhing in acts that are conjured up by fear and hatred.  It is time for us to turn our hearts so that we may love without limits.  It is through this limitless love that we will win the war against hatred and fear and overcome our very selves.


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