Just a test!

Posted by RJ on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I haven't posted in quite awhile, but my nephew, Cousin Butchie seems to have made up for it.  I've always liked the kid, but he does come across as having all the answers! 

I talked to Butchie the other night and we decided to see if anyone will actually respond to his posting or mine.  So.... We are asking a few questions and asking you to reply at Butchie's alternate email (www.kippynj@aol.com) or on this NJGayLife site.  Either way, we want to find out if you guys (and gals) will reply.

1.   Who is your favorite male actor?

2.   Name one or two movies which are your favorites of all time.

3.   Whether you are old enough to vote or not, who is your choice for oour next President?

Thanks for helping this experiment!


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