Justice from New Brunswick, NJ???

Posted by RJ on Tuesday, May 22, 2012

JUSTICE FROM NEW BRUNSWICK???  I waited to write anything about the trial and the sentencing of Dharun Ravi because I thought others would have more learned input.  Certainly, Steven Goldstein of Garden State Equality did an excellent job of speaking via the media.  In his comments, I (and I am sure the vast majority of us) felt equally as puzzled, indignant and thoroughly disappointed as Mr. Goldstein did. 

You have all read the newspapers, watched the television and the cyber news.  What can one add to them?

Living here in the senior residence known as "God's Waiting Room," I would like to share the reactions of SOME of the residents.  Every so often, an event hits one in such a blindsided way that they speak out when they might otherwise have remained silent.

So.... Here are the comments I heard after the sentencing was explained at a meeting just after 1 PM:

"That is the stupidest sentencing I have ever heard."

"The judge certainly had lots of things right about Dharun Ravi, but he obviously ignored all of it when he imposed a thirty day sentence."

"I am just bewildered. Ravi never once apologized, not even to his parents or to the parents of Tyler Clementi."

"Judge Berman would have been good with the Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson trials.  They would have ended the same way.  Oh, and don't forget the Rosenbergs.  Injustice has a long history in this land of the free.

RJ back again--  I can only explain the nauseated feeling I had after Judge Glenn Berman seemed to "dangle us all on a rope,"  reprimanding Ravi for countless charges  and then saying that he didn't believe Ravi hated Tyler Clementi. 

   I never advocated for the death penalty or life in prison, or any such extreme form of retribution in this case.  My only hope is that the prosecution will prevail in having the sentence augmented.  In my mind,  Tyler Clementi and Matthew Shepherd must both be looking down sharing our indignation.



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