OMG! The Issue is Birth Control!

Posted by RJ on Friday, February 10, 2012

OMG! The Issue Is Birth Control. 

As I have written before, I am a practicing Roman Catholic.  Probably, it is more accurate to say that I am a practicing Roman Catholic gay man.  Since this church (fifty years since Blessed John XXIII convened Vatican Council II) has shown a miserable lack of scholarship, truth, leadership and LOVE I am becoming more displeased with the seeming attempt to forget that Vatican II even happened and to go back to the way things were in the days before John XXIII called for "opening the windows and letting fresh air into this church."  The "new' Church fashioned by John XXIII help a belief in the primacy of conscience. 

What, I believe, has been a massive effort to defeat the legalization of gay marriage is failing.  The National Council of Catholic Bishops, the Knights of Columbus and  Pope Benedict XVI have been shocked to see how little their money and their appeal to the people  have changed any opinions of the people in the pews each week.  In some areas, pastors were forced to read  letters from the local hierarchy opposing gay marriage.  Weekly bulletins have been stuffed with the letters and other anti-gay marriage literature.

We now have a situation which the Catholic Church, once again, cannot change.  BIRTH CONTROL.

On the issue of contraception, heterosexual Catholics have obviously made their choices.  The Church insists that practicing artificial birth control is a mortal sin and prevents people from receiving Communion. However if you attend Mass in any Catholic parish, there is a different reality.  It is extremely rare to see an adult NOT receiveCommunion.  The reason is not that they follow what the Catholic Church dictates.  They are practicing artificial birth control OR they are practicing abstinance.  If every Catholic using condoms or the birth control pill refrained from going to Communion, it would become apparent that almost no married people receive the sacrament. The truth is just the opposite.  In the same church which prohibits the use of condoms by gay men to prevent HIV infections!  It is Condom-Phobia.

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