"Outed" at 65

Posted by RJ on Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Outing" at 65!  I had really started to feel content and "in control" of my life when I came out to my family and close friends  in 1979. (Now please spare me the remarks about you not having been born yet, etc.)  My latest ambush on the sexual orientation front happened this month and came to a head today.

When I moved to God's Waiting Room here, I saw no reason to self-identify.  There are plenty of people here who are widowers or widows, not to mention various couples shacking up together.  I felt it to be a non-issue.  I could have other dudes visit me and call them "nephews" if anyone happened to mention it.  All in all, they know me as the nice gentleman who tries to be friendly with everyone, who will drive an elderly lady to buy groceries, pick up a prescription, and often just to sit down and listen to some difficult memory or situation faced by other tenants. (taking a moment to blush).  I am active in almost all of the activities happening here, and I go the extra mile with some of the other residents when they need it.  Part of this arises from the fact that I was caregiver for my parents far into their 80's.

Today, I was casually talking to a great lady here, and she warned me not to tell anyone anything I didn't wish to be public knowledge. It seems that I made a very selective "coming out" confession to one woman who had shared some fairly hair-raising stories of her own life. When I realized that this individual had spilled the beans over a month ago, I felt relieved-- also angry. 

What occurs to me is that we have so many people claiming that conditions for gays and lesbians have improved, that prejudice is a thing of the past, that we've never had it so good.  That all depends on numerous variables.

I just know that this revelation which has made its way around the building has me striving (as of now) to be "The Best Little Boy in the World."  This was a book by John Reid which really defined how I was living.  Pick up a copy at the library or find it on Amazon.  Most of you, I assure you, will identify.







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