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Posted by RJ on Sunday, November 27, 2011

I certainly hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, survived the relatives, ate until you were uber full, made it to Wal-Mart with pepper spray in hand.  Almost forgot, did you say grace before dinner-- all pretending that they do this at every meal all year long?

This weekend I met a very handsome young man.  My gaydar was going crazy but I knew very well that he is straight.  Just to make conversation, I asked him if he planned on having any children.  "Absolutely not" was the reply. "I don't believe in brining children into a word as screwed up as ours is."  He surprised me, but he made me think a little.   Being gay, people often assume that we will not have children, and the adoptions which take place are so few that we can't contradict the childless notion.  Yes, I know there are exceptions-- and they are just that-- exceptions.

What kind of a world would we be giving to our children?

Issues to ponder:

With today's scientific and technological advances, does anyone feel comfortable that we will advance more?  Does anyone think we have gone as far as possible?  What is our next frontier?

Even when we celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving, are we aware of the millions of people starving to death and dying of disease all over the world, and in our own United States?  We all know about food banks, but when do we donate to them?

Do we honestly believe that our political system will create change for the better amidst the partisanship and dirty politics we are subjected to daily?

Do we have some delerious illusion that this counry is not in a deep resession?

Do we ever think we just maybe should be supporting the basic goals of the OCCUPY WALL STREET folks?  They have tried to point to the greed which permeates this nation, and it would be difficult to deny it exists.

The constant threats of nuclear attack and terroristic plots are things we think about each day.

I am kind of hoping that this particular blog acts as a catalyst to motivate some of our readers to comment or contradict what I have written. 

We are counting on you to make this blog come alive.  Open dialogue always beats a monologue. 

Well, it's time to take my new anti-depressant written by my third world psychiatrist during our five minute session two weeks ago.  Oh my, does it really show that I need to?

RJ on December 4, 2011 at 11:38:19 pm said:
David, thank you for responding to my November 27th blog. Andrew was checking my computer messages ever since he stole my password, and he actually hid your reply. He is kind of cute, but he is a very bad bear at times.
The general feelings of my young friend were not ameliorated by your response, possibly because it centered on basically gay issues and not much on the global mess we are seeing daily in the media. My own rose colored glasses steam up when I realize that as we feast on days like Thanksgiving many millions of people are dying of hunger, the lack of safe drinking water, the rampant AIDS crisis in our own country overshadowed by the millions of babies born with AIDS and those living as orphans because their parents succumbed.
There is also the radical divide we see between the poor and the wealthy in the United States. Much as we might not want to admit it, the 99ers and the various versions of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement have a valid and necessary place on our national landscape if we choose to admit to the great divide and the greed in our corporate world.
I could not resist responding to you without mentioning the astonishing way our Catholic Church leadership has been concentrating on the needs of its own people. Yes, they have been very busy making dubious translations in the liturgy and explaining how gay marriage takes away the liberties of the church itself. Pope Benedict XVI has finally addressed the worldwide problem of the economy, and I cannot help but wonder if he has visited many of the rectories in this country. These supposedly humble abodes for our pastors and parochial vicars are most often anything but humble. Not to forget the cost of the pagentry and "smells and bells" in our churches.
When we consider nuclear war, we are really no closer to feeling safe from anniahilation than we were fifty years ago. It would only take one terrorist to bring the world to an end as we know it.
In my opinion, we agree on the first four words of your response: "Yes, the world sucks." The word "sucks" here is obviously meant in a negative way (LOL).
My young friend sparked this interchange because he and his wife had given things a great deal of thought and concluded that they did not wish to bring a child into this kind of a world. In all honesty, I wonder if many people give the subject as much consideration. I recently talked again to this young man, and he has treated himself to a vasectomy-- kind of putting his money where his mouth is.
I apologize for making this response partially the same as my original blog posting. Perhaps some of the meds prescribed by my doctor, a man who very likely is David's neighbor, have slowed me down.
I welcome the chance to discuss this blog without using the style of Lectio Divina. (winky-winky).
David on November 28, 2011 at 7:17:08 pm said:
Yes, the world sucks but then if we think back to Harvey Milk's time (he died 33 years ago this past weekend), what strides we have made. Within our community, gay marriage is a reality and even many conservatives admit that the battle is lost on that one. GSAs are enabling our gay youth to feel better about themselves than we ever had the chance to. The list goes on and on.

On the larger stage, hmmm Communism is almost entirely discredited. Yes we had 9/11 but we also have the hope of the Arab Spring even if it brings forth a more uncertain world (How uncertain was the future of the US in its earliest days?) And, this country continues to be a draw for people from around the world. I thank God everyday that my town of Edison is populated with immigrants coming to build a new life for themselves. Yes we have a recession but we still have hope. Other countries only have recessions or even worse situations. Yes, it is easy to see all the problems and the gridlock in DC but at least we can see these problems, even if we know about them thanks to Fox News.

As for our children (be they logical or bio to borrow a term from Armistead Maupin,) the world will always have problems and grave concerns but it is up to us to be the change that the we want to see in the world, paraphrasing Gandhi.

Soapbox is now yours, RJ!

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