Some Older People Have It In Perspective

Posted by RJ on Saturday, October 1, 2011

I don't have any even remotely interesting sharings for this blog until next week, but I do want to share a profoundly moving moment  I experienced here at God's Waiting Room.  I suggest you get your tissues.

Muriel and Fred had been married for 62 years when Fred became critically ill and needed hospice care.  Muriel asked for a few moments of very private time with Fred  as his condition worsened.  Muriel held his hand and  Fred told her that he recalled how they were high school sweethearts and had both been suspended by the school.  And he recalled how they married very young and Muriel had two miscarriages.  Then Fred told Muriel that she stood right beside him when he lost his job and went on public assistance.  He reminded Muriel  of how she ran the small family business when he was having back surgery, and after that how she was right with him in bankruptcy court for support.  Finally, looking into Muriel's eyes one last time, Fred just said "Muriel, all in all you have been very bad luck for me."




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