Don't Be So Sure!

Posted by RJ on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't be so sure when you start to assume who will be in favor of gay rights and who will be against them.

An interesting discussion started here in God's Waiting Room about GLBT rights.  The social worker who led the group introduced the subject of fairness on the Internet, and she pointed out examples of so-called "Christian" networks broadcasting anti-gay music for their shows and for downloading.  Now, I was fully aware that many of these seniors had no idea what a computer looks like, but I was a little nervous about the selected topic.  I was able to break the initial silence by saying that it is hatred of this nature that can often lead to a GLBT youth's suicide. To diversify the topic, I pointed to the tragedy of anti-Semitism and the horrendous results of that hatred gone wild.

One elderly woman, whom I assumed was asleep, said that her grandson is gay and that he has a better relationship than any of his heterosexual siblings.  In some initially hushed tones, many began saying they had a gay or lesbian in the family, and that this didn't bother them at all.  For one hour, the lively discussion centered on the basic human rights of LGBT people. I listened to very accepting and loving statements couched in deeply rooted expressions and concepts like: gay preference, who's the husband and who's the wife, the issue of choice, I even noticed some tears because this was not a subject these oldsters had been encouraged to speak about in public, and probably not even within the family.

I had spent much time assuming that the older generation was going to be set in its ways and beliefs and would not accept gay people or gay rights.  I was wrong, and I am very pleased to be wrong!

It all reminds me of a statement my mom used to say (and I know she stole it from somehwere).. AS I TRAVEL THE ROAD FROM CRADLE TO TOMB, I CARE LESS AND LESS WHO SLEEPS WITH WHOM.    

Can I hear an "Amen?"  And maybe it's time to go and have that talk with Grandma and Grandpa. 



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