Posted by RJ on Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, RJ is still taking psychotropic meds to get adjusted to living in God's Waiting Room, but the problems have become more than I expected.  The other morning, I entered the elevator to greet a pleasant lady holding a Dunkin' Donuts bag.  I merely asked how she was doing, and she told me that she had the most fantastic bowel movement in three months the night before! She informed me that she was taking it to her doctor for him to see it.  I was holding my breath, and the lobby door opened.  I wouldn't have known a diplomatic way to tell her that I believed her and did not need to take a look.

Some of the problems I never expected to encounter are homophobia... and the far right mentality.  We were discussing current events in a group setting, and the remarks about President Obama pandering to the "homos" and the minorities was getting under my skin.  Much as I have been "out" for many years, I am reluctant to be too aggressively gay among people with very impaired hearing and very prejudiced opinions. I even had a dream about coming out to them, and it centered on Ellen Degeneres coming out on her show-- into the open microphone!  I fear that's how it would occur.  I did just put out a feeler by asking if any of these oldsters had a gay or lesbian grandchild.  Of course, they don't!  They would have been told about it and the child would have been "corrected."

During a very hectic debate between two women who looked as though they might have cleared Ellis Island together, the subject changed to how society is being destroyed because there are no "family values."  Buzz word of the decade-- and I could only really ask why they felt this way.  Why, it's because Ricky Martin "decided" to be gay.

When we think of our older years, if we really ever have, we probably never thought that being authentic gay human beings would be a problem.  It happens to the gay widow or widower.  It happens to the single gay person.  You suddenly are a minority again, amongst people you will not likely educate.  I do my small part by putting some gay-themed non-fiction and fiction books in the library.  I'm saving the rainbow tee-shirts, etc. for later.

I was going crazy mad last week and drove to New Hope.  Not the way I remembered it, but a nice drive.  I felt that there would be a button just for me in the novelty store. I didn't look long.  Right near the famous (and apparently resurrected Bonomo's Turkish Taffy) was MY VERY OWN button.  All it says is "If these are my golden years, I am sooo screwed."  I bought a dozen to pass out to friends who think they will never get older.

Let's see.... I've tried Prozac, Cymbalta, Pristiq, Zoloft and 87 other anti-depressants.  I wonder what he will give me tomorrow.  I want to take whatever that cute preppy drug detail man was pushing last time I was there.  He was an absolute Adonis, and, because if him, my blood pressure (nothing else) was up, adding another pill to the shopping cart.

If you remember nothing else from this blog, just think of me whenever you see a Dunkin Donuts bag!


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