Where's NJ's wedding videos?????

Posted by Jon Galluccio on Friday, July 8, 2011

With the HUGE legislative victory in New York and a NEW law suit filed in New Jersey, same-sex marriage talk is at a feverish pitch right now.  So, not to be left out, I too wish to comment.

For your information, I would like to quickly outline what steps Michael and I have taken over the past 29 years to "legitimize" our relationship.

1983 ish, Michael and I had a small ring ceremony in our small apartment in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

1992, Michael and I had a formal 10 year commitment ceremony in our house in Upper Grandview, NY.

1997, Michael and I had wills, power or attorney and durable power of attorney papers drafted and executed.

1998, I legally changed my name from Jon Joseph Holden to Jon Holden Galluccio

1998, Michael and I had a Holy Union Service at the Church of the Atonement in Fair Lawn, NJ on "Father's Day"

1999, Michael and I traveled to Vermont and had a Civil Union

2004, Michael and I were legally married in New Paltz, NY by Mayor Jason West, soon after it would be declared "null and void"

2007, As new residents of CA we executed our first formal domestic partnership (at a Stevenson Ranch UPS Store!)

2008, Early October was a magical moment in CA history and  Michael and I were legally married at a gorgeous horse ranch in Agua Dulce.

2008, November Prop 8 passed in CA, however our legal marriage in CA was and is honored.

2010, NJ forces us to file our taxes as a Civil Union Couple and not as a married couple as our CA 100% legal marriage is not recognized by our home state.

Of course, throughout this time we have owned homes, cars, bank accounts and everything else together. We have also adopted three children and have three grandchildren, a dog, a cat and 7 fish.

How many couples have gone through this much to solidify their union in the eyes of the law? How come I'm still jumping through hoops when my straight counterparts can get legally married on their first date?

Why has New Jersey not secured full marriage rights for the gay community even though the courts ALREADY ruled in favor of equality?? It is because of our straight allies have mostly sat idly by, that's what I think and I'm sticking to it! New York's marriage equality PR campaign was brillaint. How much positive publicity did they get with each professional athlete or politician or artist that took a few minutes of their time to video a message for equality? It moved people, it moved a republican heavy legislature!

So we do have another lawsuit filed that will work its way through the courts and I'm sure it will find in our favor AGAIN but where are our athletes, our politicians, our artists........where are our videos???  If indeed this is a culture shift then we must use social media to engage the public and unlike NY, we don't have to change a republican heavy legislature, we just have to change one heavy republican legislator.

Bonnie on July 11, 2011 at 11:41:43 am said:
How do you two keep track of all the anniversaries? My partner of 27 years and I have been domesticated, unionized and religiously joined here in NJ and can barely remember those dates.

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