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Posted by RJ on Monday, June 6, 2011
Now that everyone is recovering from the excitement of NJ Pride, I invite you to submit a question you might not be comfortable about asking your closest friend.  RJ is up to the challenge and would really be happy to field your question.  You can ask me to be totally serious or totally outrageous, or a combination of both.  Remember, your questions are important.  Like, for  how many years did we have a misconception that almost turned into fact for us-- like looking for the hair on the palms of your hands?  The only really stupid question is the one we are afraid to ask.
Bill Realman Stella on June 10, 2011 at 3:29:43 pm said:
I think I'm with you on some of the topics you brought up in your God's Waiting Room post, so I'd like to see you take them on.
Specifically, the Spiritual but not religious, whatever that means...
(I have my own response; and think seeing yours would be interesting)
and the # You ain't rich, you have a lousy pension, you have no partner.... but it's the Golden Years, dude.
and the
# Everything hurts; and what doesn't hurt doesn't work.
Maybe # Gay and grumpy too, but to me that seems like a very short discussion, to whit:
Dude! I'm not responsible for the apparent contradictions of the English language! And, if you're not depressed at minimum some of the time, you're just not paying attention!
I know those weren't exactly questions, but I figure feedback works just as well.

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