About NJGayLife.com

The original, the official and still the best website for the Garden State GLBT community. We've been at it since 1997! We count cyber years like dog years, so that's a l-o-n-g time!

I'm Bonnie Kantor, the creator of NJGayLife.com and I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me.

Once upon a time, before there was a world-wide-web, or FaceBook or Twitter, there was print. When I came out, there were two ways to find out about events, dances, meetings, gay-owned or gay-friendly businesses, and the organizations where I could find my community. I could ask a friend or I could read about it (monthly) in a newsletter or magazine. The pickings were slim and when those publications closed--one by one--there was no way to "get connected".

Since my professional background was in magazine publishing, my friends strongly encouraged me to start a magazine to pick up where others left off. I knew my pockets weren't deep enough to attempt that, so I learned how to put a website together and started NJGaylife.com. I dreamed about a complete resource for the community, available 24/7. When I look back on that now, I think, "what chutzpa!" But, here we are...

This is the fourth or fifth incarnation of NJGayLife.com, this time with mobile-first and responsive design. When we meet at Pride events, you tell me about how much you value the calendar, the business directory and the organizations directory. We have kept and improved all of that and added some new features, too.

About the Blogs
I have a strong belief that we are not just one community, but many communities. Each of us has a voice and the blogs are a way to listen to and learn about many different viewpoints, issues and opinions. It's a diverse bunch of bloggers who have committed their time and effort to the site. Hope you enjoy! Want to blog? Become an NJGayLife.com blogger!

About the Calendar
With this new website, we've improved the calendar so that you can see what's happening today or three months from now. You can view the month at a glance (big glance--there's lots of info on our calendar) and you can subscribe to an RSS feed, to get that information every day. You can send yourself a reminder about the event or send it to a friend.

Calendar listings are free to community organizations and to our advertisers. If something is missing or incorrect, please use this form to update us and we will make the change. If you are the person in charge of getting material out to the media for your group, please send us calendar updates and community news so we can broadcast it to the world.

About the Organizations Directory
Our organizations directory has always been a free service to the community and it is as complete as we can make it. If your group is not listed, we just couldn't find you. Please use this form to send us the info and we'll add it. If you find an error, we would really appreciate an update. Just use the same form. How about an ad for your community organization on the page that gets THE MOST hits on our site, the Organizations Directory?

About the Business Directory
Please support our advertisers, they support us! If you own a business that belongs here, or know someone who does, please send her/him our way. There are many more opportunities to be seen on NJGayLife.com than ever before. Online advertising is the new word-of-mouth and the LGBT community is here.

So, thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. Thanks, too, to the women who put out "The Network" back in the day. You were my inspiration.